Why Are So Many Beers Disliked?

In the 1980s, the beer produced in our county had a strong alcoholic taste and the fragrance of beer. But now, you can’t taste it anymore. Can the current beer still be called beer? It should be called a beverage.

It’s not that I don’t like domestic beer, but the key issue is that it lacks the taste of beer. I sincerely hope that domestic enterprises can produce real beer. The raw materials may be expensive, and the price can be increased, but we can’t cut corners, cheat or deceive. We must establish our national brand.

In the past, in the 1980s, the MinDong beer produced in our Fuding, Fujian was very good, but now the beer is much worse, and few people drink beer now. Initially, many county-level beer factories were profitable, but after experiencing difficulties in Zhucheng, they were either forced to sell or acquired through insider trading. They say that the poor economy in Northeast China has ruined all good companies.

It’s an attitude problem among the Chinese people. Most business owners in various industries are doing worse and worse. They started exporting daily necessities to Russia, and later, motorcycles to Southeast Asia. They had a good market and reputation built up over the years, but they were abandoned because of their impatience for quick gains and small profits. Why do some companies survive for centuries, generation after generation, and continue to pursue quality from the perspective of customers, while others focus on money and seek quick profits, and end up collapsing due to customer disgust?

They are digging their own grave. For example, there is a street vendor who only allows the use of their own beer, and no other brand is allowed for delivery. There are also local factories that suppress other brands. Those who live near the brewery drink expensive beer, which is more expensive than in other cities or even in rural areas. It used to cost around two yuan, but now even the regular beer costs six or seven yuan, and it is getting worse and worse.

I don’t drink any beer, whether it’s imported or domestic. Because drinking beer causes gout. When I was young, I drank a lot of beer, but now that I’m older, I regret it. When I was young, I thought beer was good, but now I have gout. Many young people now have gout because they drink beer.