Wholesale List

    St. Ben distributes to the greater Philadelphia Area. Deliveries are divided into these 2 zones:

    • Tuesday ( Philly, Delaware & Chester County)
    • Thursdays ( Philly, Montgomery and Bucks)

    We sell kegs in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl Sanke kegs. Upon request, we can also make 5 gallon pins, 10 gallon firkins and 15 gallon firkins with Sanke connections.

    Year Around Beers

    Foul Weather Jack 4.5% ABV

    A Classic English Mild Ale named for a British Admiral. Every time this 18th century sailor went to sea he went in a doomed ship that sank due to beastly weather. The Foul Weather Jack is a dry, roasty, session beer, with chocolate notes. It is equally satisfying on a hot summer day, or a cold rainy night at sea.

    Available in 1/2 and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Hopligation 7.0% ABV

    East Coast style IPA with citrus flavors mixed with earthiness and woodiness. Malty up front but finished extremely dry due to high hop bitterness. We reformulated this beer when we bought our hop torpedo.

    Will be available again in late February. Pre-orders are welcome.

    Inca 5.4% ABV

    An India Cream Ale, Inca is our reinvention of a classic American style with West coast sensibilities. Light and Hoppy.

    Available in 1/2 and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Junto 4.8% ABV

    Named for the group of like-minded friends organized by Benjamin Franklin for their own and the city’s improvement. Many times they gathered over both beer and coffee, creating the Philadelphia library, hospital, fire company and much more. In tribute to those men we created this beer. A straw colored kolsch aged on whole coffee beans from Kensington’s own Reanimator Coffee. Huge coffee aroma carries through this delicate, light bodied ale and a crisp finish reveals Junto’s German roots.

    Available in 1/2 and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Liaison Saison 8.0% ABV

    A lightly hopped, dry saison with notes of peppercorn and a slight lavender finish. This floral beer appeals to saison aficionados as well as casual beer drinkers.

    This line should be restocked in late December.

    Transcontinental 5.6% ABV

    A California Common Ale based on a San Francisco style from the late 19th century. This copper colored ale has a full malt flavor with rye and spices.

    Available in 1/6bbl kegs. 1/2bbl kegs will be restocked by October 9th.

    Seasonal Beers

    Bonne Année

    A Belgian Specialty Ale released specifically for New Years Eve and Day. Ring out the old year with the previous year’s vintage, and ring in the new year with the new vintage!

    Pre-orders for the 2014 and 2015 Bonne Année are welcome. It will be released for delivery on December 29th 2015. 1/6bbl kegs only.

    Le Bon Bock 7.0% ABV

    The bock is a full bodied, malty beer without being overly sweet. Released February 18th for Lent. Now you too can celebrate the Lenten season like a fasting Bavarian Monk

    This will be available in 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs next year at Lent. Firkins will be available by pre-order.

    B.N.C. Barleywine 10.5% ABV

    A style we call white barelywine, a strong pale beer that is less malt forward and drier than traditional barleywines. Citrus and Sauvignon Blanc notes with subtle Belgian yeast aroma. Available only while supplies last.

    Look for it to be released in early spring.

    Wit or Witout 5.1% ABV

    A classic wheat beer made with traditional wit spices and a bit of Philly zest.

    The wit will make a reappearance in late spring.

    Little Peat 4.2% ABV

    A dry stout with just a hint of peat smoke.

    Available in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Franklin’s Abbey

    Belgian Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

    The first of our Belgian Series. A crisp and straightforward BPA with subtle Belgian yeast characteristics and continental hop aromas.

    Available in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Belgian Stout 5.5% ABV

    A rich, velvety, full body brew with notes of dark chocolate.

    Available in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Dubbel 6% ABV

    Our interpretation of the classic Abbey style. Deep amber color, full body with flavors of caramel, dried fruit and citrus.

    Available in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs.

    Tripel 9.2% ABV

    Golden Belgian tripel, dry and balanced. This strong ale is bright and aromatic with complex Belgian yeast flavors.

    Available in 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl kegs.