Scented Candles and Red Wine for Your Banquet

As a banquet organizer, you want to create an inviting and elegant atmosphere for your guests. Strategically using scented candles and decadent red wines can transform any event space into a sophisticated sensory experience. As a scented candle supplier, we have expert tips on selecting candles and wines that will elevate your next special occasion or corporate dinner.

Start by choosing candles with clean, uplifting scents that won’t overwhelm guests but will lend a subtle, polished fragrance to the event. Floral scents like jasmine, rose and lily are classic choices, as are fresh scents like lemon, grapefruit and green tea. Place unscented candles on dining tables and scented candles along entryways, reception tables, buffet areas, bars and restrooms. This allows fragrance to envelop guests as they arrive and move throughout the space.

For ambient lighting, use an abundance of classic taper and pillar candles in heights that work with your table centerpieces and decor. Tea lights also add warm flickering accents to any tablescape. Use candlelight to create a glamorous golden glow throughout the space. Turn off harsh overhead lighting and let candles illuminate the event. The soft lighting will make the room feel warm and inviting while setting an elegant, sophisticated mood.

To complement your candles, serve a selection of full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Syrah. Red wines pair beautifully with candlelight, creating a rich sensory experience. The deep ruby hues and aromas of black cherry, vanilla, mocha and spice mirror the warm ambiance of the candles’ flames. Serve the wines throughout dinner, starting with lighter reds like Pinot Noir and building up to more robust wines like Cabernet to match each course.

Don’t forget decor touches like fresh floral centerpieces and rich textiles in your table linens, runners and napkins. Little details like a sprig of rosemary, orchid or other greenery floating in wine glasses also elevate the tablescape. Use charger plates and multiple glasses to create an upscale place setting. All these special touches paired with candles and wine make guests feel pampered.

When using candles at large events, take some safety precautions. Place taper and pillar candles in sturdy candle holders on table surfaces that won’t burn. Tea lights also come in containers to contain the flames. Use flameless battery-operated candles near any fabrics like linens, curtains or arrangements. Position candelabras and large candle centerpieces away from low-hanging decorations.

Also be mindful of any guests with sensitivities to fragrances, flames or smoke. Provide adequately ventilated spaces and rooms for breaks from the candle atmosphere. Choose unscented candles or very lightly scented options for dining tables. Group heavily scented candles away from guest seating. Following fire safety rules ensures candles add ambiance without causing discomfort for your attendees.

With the right selection of candles releasing inviting aromas and complementing wines pouring into stemmed glassware, you’ll create an event that delights the senses. Subtle lighting, rich colors and lush fragrances transport guests into an elegant sensory experience. Scented candles and red wine are affordable touches that add luxury and sophistication to any banquet, reception or formal occasion. Let them enhance your next event into a memorable evening that impresses your guests.