Our Beers

Year Around Beers

A California Common Ale based on a San Francisco style from the late 19th century. This copper colored ale has a full malt flavor with rye and spices.
Liaison Saison
A lightly hopped, dry saison with notes of peppercorn and a slight lavender finish. This floral beer appeals to saison aficionados as well as casual beer drinkers.
A German Kolsch seasoned with Kensington’s own Reanimator coffee. The malt sweetness is perfectly balanced with the bitterness of coffee beans roasted right here in Philadelphia.
An India Cream Ale, Inca is our reinvention of a classic American style with West Coast sensibilities. Light and hoppy.
East Coast IPA with citrus flavors mixed with earthiness and woodiness. Malty up front but finished extremely dry due to high hop bitterness.
Foul Weather Jack
A Classic English Mild Ale named for a British Admiral. Every time this 18th century sailor went to sea he went in a doomed ship that sank due to beastly weather. The Foul Weather Jack is a dry, roasty, session beer, with chocolate notes. It is equally satisfying on a hot summer day, or a cold rainy night at sea.

Seasonal Beers

Bon Année

A Belgian Specialty Ale released specifically for New Years Eve and Day. Ring out the old year with the previous year’s vintage, and ring in the new year with the new vintage!

Brandywine Barleywine 10.5% ABV

What we call a “white barlywine”. Dry, citrus-y, and crisp. This beer is released when Lent ends each spring.

Le Bon Bock 7.4% ABV

The bock is a full bodied, malty beer without being overly sweet. It will be released at the start of Lent each year.  Now you too can celebrate the Lenten season like a fasting Bavarian Monk.

Little Peat 4.2% ABV

A dry stout with just a hint of peat smoke. Available fall through spring.

Wit or Witout 5.1% ABV

A classic wheat beer made with traditional spices and a bit of Philly zest. Available for those hot Philly summer months.

Series Beers

Franklin’s Abbey

Saint Benjamin’s founding and naming was influenced heavily by the Belgian Trappist breweries. This new series of beers is our chance to further pay tribute to them while brewing delicious, Belgian-style beers. Traditional styles such as Dubbel and Tripel will always be represented, but we will also experiment with other styles including Belgian Pale Ale, Stout and sour ales.

Franklin’s Abbey Belgian Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

The first of our Belgian Series. A crisp and straightforward BPA with subtle Belgian yeast characteristics and continental hop aromas.

Franklin’s Abbey Stout 5.5% ABV

A rich, velvety, full body brew with notes of dark chocolate.

Franklin’s Abbey Dubbel 6% ABV

Our interpretation of the classic Abbey style. Deep amber color, full body with flavors of caramel, dried fruit and citrus.

Franklin’s Abbey Tripel 9.2% ABV

Golden Belgian tripel, dry and balanced. This strong ale is bright and aromatic with complex Belgian yeast flavors.

Saison du Jour

As the name suggests, a series of saisons typically released in quick succession.

Saison du Jour I 5.8% ABV – Dry and earthy with citrus-y hops and a note of orange blossoms in the aroma.
Saison du Jour II 5.6% ABV – Dry with hints of juicy fruit and spiced plum.
Saison du Jour III 7.8% ABV – A “naked” version of our Liaison Saison. A chance to see if you would still like the lavender saison without the lavender. A winter storm prevented a much needed yeast shipment from getting to us. We had expected its arrival before we finished brewing the liaison that day, but when it didn’t show we had to use a similar yeast. Rather than sell a liaison that had different fermentation characteristics we decided not to add the lavender to this batch, and Saison du Jour III was born.
Saison du Jour IV 5.7% ABV – A rye saison.
Saison du Jour V 5.9% ABV – A hoppy saison.
Saison du Jour VI 8.2% ABV – A bier de garde. Malty with citrus notes and a roast flavor that fades to caramel. This beer was brewed for the Independence National Brewfest Pro/AM Competition with homebrewer, Ryan Roat. Available starting June 18th.
Saison du Jour VII 6.8% ABV – combines a simple malt bill of pilsner and unmalted rye with huge additions of continental hop varietals. Unrestrained fermentation with a special Belgian yeast produces an exceptionally dry and aromatic example of a traditionally styled saison.
Saison du Jour VIII 6.4% ABV – Amber hued and autumnal. Saison Du Jour VIII is dry with an undeniable malt presence, and notes of dried fruit.Saison du Jour IX 6.9% ABV – A dry saison flavored with saffron and rosewater. the saffron makes this beer a bright gold.

Troubleshooter Pale Ale

Part of our brewer series that allows us to experiment with new hops, techniques, and equipment every time it is brewed. Each batch is unique.

Troubleshooter #1 5.2% ABV – Brewed and dry hopped with Ahtanum hops.
Troubleshooter #2 5.2% ABV – A very hop forward, West Coast style Pale Ale, brewed with Magnum, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops.
Troubleshooter #3 4.7% ABV – A smooth pale ale with herbal and grapefruity hop notes.
Troubleshooter #4 -5.2% ABV – Allowed us to experiment with our new hop torpedo. Expect a very aromatic and dank brew.
Troubleshooter #5 5.2% ABV – A more continental version of the pale ale, hopped with English hops in good ol’ American quantities.
Troubleshooter #6 6.2% ABV – Big and Bitter.