Our Beers Series

Year Round Varieties

Bicentennial Cream Ale (Cream Ale): Bicentennial Cream Ale is a light, refreshing take on the American classic. This easy drinking beer has a slight hop aroma from American Cluster hops and a clean finish.

Foul Weather Jack (English Mild Ale): John “Jack” Byron was a fiercely unlucky admiral in the British naval fleet, a man who could have easily crossed paths with our brewery’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin. As legend has it, every time this 18th century sailor went to sea, he encountered bad luck aboard doomed ships.That Foul Weather Jack found little pleasure in his voyages to America. Our Foul Weather Jack — a dry, roast-y session beer with smooth chocolate notes – is a revelation of good taste and better fortune. And, at just 4.5% ABV, it will rarely leave you shipwrecked.

Inca (Cream Ale): A classic Cream Ale re-imagined. This golden ale starts with fine pilsner malt and American grown corn. It ends with a combination of Cluster and Simcoe hops. Hopped with old-school Cluster and modern Simcoe, giving the drinker a citrus laden hop profile that is sure to leave you refreshed.

Wit or Witout (Blonde Ale – Belgian Blonde / Golden): Yo Philly, you won’t get kicked out of the bar for ordering this classic wheat beer incorrectly. Wit or Witout, a tongue-in-cheek ode to Philadelphia’s beloved cheesesteak, is a slightly tart, smooth sipping Belgian wit, lightly hopped, and brewed with the finest pilsner malt, zesty wheat and high quality oats. How you order it is up to you.

IPA Varieties

Avast (Citris IPA): Juicy citrus and smooth, who says hoppy has to be bitter?

Boyd Bushman’s Blues (India Pale Ale): An 8% West Coast Style DIPA featuring all citrus forward hops – Simcoe, Azzaca and Centennial. This golden ale is just dripping with hop flavor.

Cover Crop Rye IPA (India Pale Ale): Golden Rye IPA brewed with Cascade, Simcoe and Citra. Flavors of grapefruit and citrus with a spicy rye finish.

Electric DIPA (India Pale Ale): Copper-colored Double IPA that was aggressively late and dry hopped with low bitterness. Rich malt flavor balances hop flavors of Citrus and Pine.

Hopligation (IPA – American): Hopligation is a classic East-Coast IPA based on what made IPA great: balance. This full bodied brew utilizes both American and English hops. Distinct aromas of flamed orange peel lead into an earthy, rich flavor profile that finishes dry and clean.

Parley (IPA – American): A light body wheat IPA with aromas of citrus & tropical fruits from the Azacca, Amarillo and Centennial hops

Pasque (IPA – American): Like its namesake flower, Pasque IPA blooms in early spring. This IPA is brewed with Cascade and Columbus hops for a floral and earthy aroma. Its light body is accented with a handful of flaked oats, and a touch of honey for a clean, refreshing welcome to the season.

Start Today Double IPA (India Pale Ale): Start Today double IPA is brewed with german pilsner and wheat malts, and loads of centennial hops. Bright citrus and easy on the bitterness. Don’t put it off, START!

Lager Varieties

Heart In Hand Rauch Bock (German-style Smoked Lager): Dark Amber Lager, brewed with Beechwood smoked German Malts. It is lightly hopped with German hops, and was mashed with a Double Decoction to bring out the malt flavor without adding sweetness. Smokey-Malty aroma and squeaky clean finish.

Kumpelbier (Maibock-style Lager): Maibock is a malt driven, German lager brewed to be served in May. Ours starts German pilsner and Munich malts; and is mashed in the traditional decoction method. A slow, low temperature fermentation and 6 weeks of lagering allow the malt flavors to shine. Kumplel Roughly translates to “Buddy”. We brewed this beer with our friend and consultant, Scott Morrison to celebrate the completion of our new brewhouse installation. Thanks for all the help Buddy.

Le Bon Bock (Bock): A traditional bock that is a full bodied, malty beer with a hint of roast and a clean finish. It will be released on Fat Tuesday but is meant to be enjoyed for all of Lent. Now you too can celebrate the Lenten season like a fasting Bavarian Monk.

Pilsner Prosim (Czech Style Pilsner): Assertively hopped with czech saaz and brewed in the traditional decoction method, this unfiltered lager will be empty before you finish reading this.

RiverCity (American Style Oktoberfest Lager): At one time Philadelphia was renowned for it’s German brewers and breweries. As they emigrated here, they slowly changed and became Americanized, going on to create some of the best beer in the world at that time. In that spirit we introduce our Americanized version of a German Oktoberfest. This beer has all of the hallmarks of the German Fall beer, the deep copper color, the rich malt flavor and the clean finish. What we have added is a small dose of American hops in the brewing process to show the bit of edge that American brewers bring to the world.

Limited Beers

BNC Barleywine (White Wine Style Ale): Traditional English Barleywine was meant to stand in for red wine during times of war with France. We’ve decided that today’s beer and wine drinkers need another choice, not to weather a war but to experience all that beer can offer. A style we call “white barleywine”, a strong pale beer that is less malt forward and drier than traditional barleywines. Citrus and Sauvignon Blanc notes with subtle Belgian yeast aroma.

De Cave (Belgian Style Ale): This Biere De Garde has spent 9 long months aging in oak barrels in our cellars. Each year we set aside a small portion of our Carriers Biere de Garde and age it in wine barrels with a blend of wild yeasts. In that time the beer takes on a mild tartness, along with aromas of stone fruit and dried figs.

Junto (Coffee Kolsch): Named for the group of like-minded friends organized by Benjamin Franklin for their own and the city’s improvement. Many times they gathered over both beer and coffee, creating the Philadelphia library, hospital, fire company and much more. In tribute to those men we created this beer. A straw colored kolsch aged on whole coffee beans from Kensington’s own Reanimator Coffee. Huge coffee aroma carries through this delicate, light bodied ale and a crisp finish reveals Junto’s German roots.

Transcontinental (California Common): The Pennsylvania Railroad once served as a portal for Philadelphians looking to head West, explore America and taste new things. With this proud Philly brew, we evoked that wandering spirit by reinventing a pre-Prohibition San Francisco style, California Common Ale. This copper colored ale has a rich malt flavor with accents from rye and subtle spices. Take your taste buds on a train ride.

Yardarm (Farmhouse Style Ale): Fermented with wild yeast harvested from a Pennsylvania orchard and aged for months in red wine barrels, Yardarm is then blended with fresh saison. The two are allowed to age together to develop a unique synergy you will find nowhere else. enjoy.

Seasonal Beers

Bayside (Farmhouse Style Ale): A classic saison with a twist with New Zealand hops and a touch of sea salt

Carrières (Bière de Garde): Brewed in the classic style, just in time for fall. This rustic amber is French Wallonia’s answer to Saison. Brewed with lager yeast at an elevated temperature, the beer undergoes months long maturation in our cellar. Notes of dark fruit and bread crust dominate the aroma of this expressive, malt forward beer.

Export Stout (Export Stout): An export stout is traditionally brewed with a higher ABV so that it can withstand the longer journey and higher temeratures in the Caribbean. With summers and hot weather in mind, Saint Benjamin has brewed ths dry, roasty export stout. Availability is extremly limited.

Pennyworth (Oatmeal Stout): English Style Oatmeal stout. There’s a penny worth of oatmeal in every pint.

Franklin’s Abbey Belgian Series

Saint Benjamin’s founding and naming was influenced heavily by the Belgian Trappist breweries. This new series of beers is our chance to further pay tribute to them while brewing delicious, Belgian-style beers. Traditional styles such as Dubbel and Tripel will always be represented, but we will also experiment with other styles including Belgian Pale Ale, Stout and sour ales.

Franklin’s Abbey Amber (Belgian amber): Our interpretation of a modern Belgian style. Deep amber color, with flavors of caramel, dried fruit and citrus.

Franklin’s Abbey Dubbel (Belgian Dubbel): Our interpretation of the classic Abbey style. Deep amber color, full body with flavors of caramel, dried fruit and citrus.

Franklin’s Abbey Pale ale (Belgian Pale Ale): The first of our Belgian Series. A crisp and straightforward BPA with subtle Belgian yeast characteristics and continental hops aroma.

Franklin’s Abbey Stout (belgian stout): A rich, velvety full body brew with notes of dark chocolate.

Franklin’s Abbey Tripel (Belgian Tripel): Golden Belgian tripel, dry and balanced. This strong ale is bright and aromatic with complex Belgian yeast flavors.

Franklin’s Abbey Valerie (Blonde Ale – Belgian Blonde / Golden): Belgian yeast aromas marry seamlessly with East Kent Goldings hops. This springtime refresher is mellow and light bodied, made with Pilsner, wheat and munich malts.

Franklin’s Abbey Valerie With Raspberry (Blonde Ale – Belgian Blonde / Golden): We took our belgian blonde and conditioned it on heaps (85lbs) of fresh raspberry puree. A great beer for warm weather or a lupulin (hop) rest! Fruity, refreshing and delicious.


Baxter’s Best (English Mild Ale): This dark English session beer was brewed with unmodified Philadelphia water from the Baxter Treatment Plant (hence thename) It has a light roasted flavor and a creamy taste.

Fringe Benefits (Saison / Farmhouse Ale): A hoppy American Ale brewed with heather. Fringe Benefits was created in honor of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Hopsplitter (India Pale Ale): Amber IPA with a combination of american and new zealand hops. Cirtus aroma with a mild bitterness and restrained caramel malt character. This American IPA is brewed exclusively for the Union League of Philadelphia.

Kite Club (Belgian Style Ale): A Walloinian IPA elevated to lofty heights by a generous amount of Azacca hops. Brewed in collaboration with the Brewing Sciences program at University of the Sciences.

Lieder Kolsch (Kolsch Style Ale): Brewed for the Lancaster Liederkranz Sommerfest. This Kolsch has been brewed with the utmost respect for German brewing practices and traditions. We use 100% German pilsner malt, a decoction mash, German Magnum hops, and genuine German Kolsch yeast. Naturally carbonated and unfiltered, this ale is carefully aged in our cellars and released at its peak. Grab a glass while you can!

Parks Pale Ale (Pale Ale – American): Brewed especially for Parks on tap. Parks pale ale is a dry hopped, sessionable pale ale with wheat and oats. Generously hopped with Centennial, it packs a citrus punch and drinks smooth and crisp.

Pink Boots Unite (Lager – Dunkel Munich): Brewed on International Women’s Day as part of the Pink Boots Society’s annual Big Boots Brew Day, this beer serves as an appreciation to women in the beer industry and ode to Philadelphia’s German brewing traditions. The Pink Boots Unite Lager is a German style dunkel brewed with U.S. grown Saaz, an “immigrant” hop from Bohemia, and Cluster, among the oldest U.S. varietal hops.A portion of the proceeds from this lager will go to assist, inspire and unite women in the beer industry.

One Off Varieties

Antares (Farmhouse Style Ale): Dry hopped, golden saison brewed with wheat and oats, Brewed and dry hopped with 100% East Kent Goldings. Named for the brightest and largest star in the constellation Scorpius

Bonne Annee 2014 (Belgian Strong Golden): A Belgian strong ale brewed to celebrate the holidays! Every year a new vintage is brewed to be slightly different. A portion is bottled and conditioned for a year, to be released the following year

Bonne Annee 2015 (Belgian Strong Golden): A Belgian strong ale brewed to celebrate the holidays! Every year a new vintage is brewed to be slightly different. A portion is bottled and conditioned for a year, to be released the following year

Bonne Annee 2016 (Belgian Style Ale): A Belgian strong ale brewed to celebrate the holidays! Every year a new vintage is brewed to be slightly different. A portion is bottled and conditioned for a year, to be released the following year

Gritty Kitty (Pale Ale – American): Brewed to commemorate our 200th batch, and as a tribute to our brewhouse cat. A golden, dry pale ale hopped with 100% citra.

Hurdy Gurdy (Rye Saison): Hurdy Gurdy saison is rooted in the northern European folk tradition. This beer was brewed using unmalted rye, along with pilsner malt and English target hops. Big, bold yeast aroma leads to bracing bitterness, herbal hop flavor, and a dry, crisp finish. This beer has a true rustic charm, much like the instrument we named it after.

Pat’s Hat Honey Rye Porter: Brewed in collaboration with Dad’s Hat and Fruitwood Orchards. This Honey & Rye Porter was aged in Dad’s Hat Whiskey barrels and named for Patrick Ryan of Fruitwood Orchards….every local brewer’s favorite honey guy! This is a limited release, not to be missed!

Perfect Union (Honey/Wheat Pale Ale): To celebrate the DNC taking place in the birthplace of democracy, Saint Benjamin brewed Perfect Union. This honey wheat ale seamlessly combines honey, wheat and hops and pays homage to the White House Honey Ale.

Reaper (Pale Ale – American): 100% Cascade hops wheat IPA.

Saison Du Jour IX (Farmhouse Style Ale): Dry & bright with essence of saffron & rosewater

Saison Du Jour X (Farmhouse Style Ale): An easy drinking saison, brewed in the classical Wallonian style

Saison Du Jour XI (Farmhouse Style Ale): A blended Saison, dry hopped with American & New Zealand hops, this beers citrusy aromas pair with tropical wild yeasts for a refreshingly light & flavorful beer.

Skyline (Session Ale): This small beer packs a lot of flavor and aroma into a compact 3.75% ABV. American Centennial and Amarillo hops combine with a blend of Belgian yeasts over a grist of pilsner malt and oats in this ultra sessionable ale.

Troubleshooter Pale Ale (Pale Ale – American): An American Pale Ale, part of our brewer series that allows us to experiment with new hops and techniques every time it is brewed. Each batch is unique.

Archive Beers

Building Bridges (Belgian Style Ale): Belgian ale collaboration with Manayunk Brewing Company.

Little Peat (Stout): A dry stout with just a hint of peat smoke.

Saison Du Jour V (Farmhouse Style Ale): A hoppy saison is part of the series of one off Saisons, ranging from a saffron/rose water saison to a dry hopped saison

Saison Du Jour VI (Farmhouse Style Ale): Based on a Biere de Garde recipe. Malty with cotrus notes that fades to caramel. Brewed for Independence National Brewfest Pro/Am.

Saison Du Jour VII (Farmhouse Style Ale): A series of one off Saison, ranging from a saffron/rose water saison to a dry hopped saison.

Saison Du Jour VIII (Farmhouse Style Ale): Amber hued and autumnal. Saison Du Jour VIII is dry with an undeniable malt presence, and notes of dried fruit.