Beer Industry Celebrates the Assorted Varieties of March

March is an exciting month for the beer industry as it ushers in springtime and warmer temperatures. Over time, this sector of production has seen remarkable growth, creating an array of varietals around the globe. March holds special significance to beer connoisseurs and industry professionals as it heralds the release of new and exciting varietals.

One of the greatest delights for beer industry professionals during March is all of the exciting varietals released during this time. The vast array of beer styles produced around the world creates a distinctive flavor profile unique to their region, such as IPAs, Stouts, Sours and Lagers to name a few.

India Pale Ales (IPAs) are a beloved beer style renowned for their hop-forward flavor profile. Popular regions include the United States, England and Australia where these ales come in many varieties from light and refreshing to strong and bitter; some even feature fruit or other unique flavors.

Stouts are a dark beer style widely enjoyed in regions such as Ireland, England and the United States. Their flavors are complex with notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted malts. Stouts make excellent accompaniments to hearty meals like stews or grilled meats.

Sours are a refreshing beer style popular in regions like Belgium and the United States. Their tart flavor profile, combined with subtle hints of fruit and spices, make them an ideal accompaniment for seafood dishes or light salads.

Lagers are brewed at lower temperatures, producing an unmistakably crisp and refreshing flavor profile. Popular destinations include Germany, Mexico and the United States; these ales can range in lightness or complexity with some even featuring unique flavors like citrus or herbs.

In addition to these beer styles, many other varietals are released during March such as Porters, Wheat beers and Pilsners. Each has a distinct flavor profile specific to its region of production.

Finally, March is an exciting month in the beer industry as it ushers in a host of new and exciting varietals. No matter if you are an enthusiast or professional in this sector, there is always something new and thrilling to explore in the world of ales. So why not grab yourself a cold pint and join us as we toast another successful month within our beloved industry?